Land Development Design Projects

  • Arizona Federal Credit Union

    The Arizona Federal Credit Union is a 5,200 sq ft. branch office located in a larger re-development known as Washington Park. The site was constrained by existing or proposed development very tightly on all sides which made many aspects of the site engineering a challenge. The City requirements for approvals for stormwater were unique in that 100% off the runoff generated was to be infiltrated through a series of retention ponds and injections wells.

  • Cambridge Commons, UWM

    Cambridge Commons is a 700+ bed residence hall located on a 3.2-acre parcel of land in a tight urban setting. The site was originally a service station and truck terminal and thus a brownfield. Impacted soils needed to be managed on site, and DAAR completed a plan and earthwork calculations to properly place these soils. The site is also bounded by the Milwaukee River to the west.

  • Mount Tosa

    Mount Tosa is a 430-unit multi-family development located at the extension of Walnut and 113th Streets. Multiple buildings with both public and private roadways and utility extensions were needed to develop the site. Both surface and underground parking were required to provide enough stalls for the density of the campus. The 19-acre site was formerly a quarry that was converted to a landfill and then reclaimed and converted to a clean earth landfill but was still considered a brownfield.

  • Photo Studio Office Building

    The photo studio is a 107,000sf office/special use building located on a 7.1-acre property in a business park. The site included significant topography which made the earthwork and grading a challenge. An older regional stormwater pond did not provide enough management to account for the facility, thus supplemental stormwater was needed to compensate for the shortfall of the regional pond.

  • Rexcon

    RexCon is a 110,00 square foot office and industrial facility which fabricates large scale concrete equipment. Significant outdoor staging areas for extra heavy equipment were included in the pavement design which included recycled asphalt. The 26-acre site possessed significant topography, which is not typical of large flat industrial sites, thus earthwork and final slopes were of high importance in the design.

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