Rural Design Projects

  • US 14: Illinois State Line to WIS 11

    As part of a design team, DAAR provided design services on the US 14 corridor from the Illinois State Line to WIS 11.

  • WIS 167 and Country Airenue Drive Intersection

    DAAR provided design services for the reconstruction of the WIS 167 (Mequon Road) and Country Aire Drive intersection in the Village of Germantown, WI. Traffic volumes on Mequon Road are increasing, in part due to development occurring along the corridor, resulting in potential safety concerns as Mequon Road lacks a raised median and dedicated left turn lanes at the intersection.

  • WIS 23 Reconstruction

    Design services were provided for the 5-mile reconstruction of WIS 23, including improvements such as passing lanes, climbing lanes, auxiliary lanes at intersections, access roads and access control. An extensive deficiency analysis was completed for this roadway, identifying horizontal and vertical deficiencies and safety concerns.

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