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Burlington, WI

Total Estimated Cost

RexCon is an 11,000 square foot office and industrial facility which fabricates large scale concrete equipment. Significant outdoor staging areas for extra heavy equipment were included in the pavement design which included recycled asphalt. The 26-acre site possessed significant topography, which is not typical of large flat industrial sites, thus earthwork and final slopes were of high importance in the design.

The site was heavily wooded, and the owner elected to save select large oak trees, which DAAR was able to accomplish with creative grading and layout. The site also included areas of high-quality wetlands and a nearby navigable creek which needed to be avoided and permitted with the WI DNR. Poor offside drainage was also a consideration in the design so as not to impact or harm the adjoining property. In addition, a public water main loop was required for fire protection. DAAR successfully anticipated and dealt with all the challenges that this site posed and delivered a set of construction documents that required very little attention or modification during construction.

Project Deliverables
• Plat of survey for design purposes
• Preliminary and final engineering plans and supporting documents
• Acquisition of site approvals and documents
• Acquisition of WI DNR permits
• Construction administration
• Construction staking
• Record drawings

Project Gallery
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