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Transportation Design

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Freeway Design

Our service integrates all stages of a project, from planning to final design. DAAR balances concerns about traveler mobility, highway safety, economics and the environment when developing plans. No firm in the industry is more dedicated to compliance with federal, state, local and corridor design standards.

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Rural Design

DAAR provides a variety of rural design services from town roads to county and state highways. Our main focus is to increase public safety and minimize environmental impacts while enhancing and managing rural designs. Our experienced project managers and staff has a reputation for developing positive working relationships with clients, property owners and municipalities.

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Urban Design

At DAAR, urban design engineers evaluate with detail all projects involving design. Our qualified team has extensive experience in municipal engineering design, as well as the ability to coordinate with city officials and contractors. DAAR's approach to public improvement reconstruction projects is to provide our clients with quality design work that will serve their community's needs into the future.

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Structure Design

Bridge design capabilities encompass underpass and overpass structures made from a variety of materials. Our structures team brings extensive design experience in prestressed steel and reinforced concrete bridges, reinforced concrete box culverts, reinforced concrete, MSE retaining walls, sign bridges and structure mounted sign support.

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