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Cambridge Commons, UWM


Mandel Group, Inc


Milwaukee, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$10 Million

Cambridge Commons is a 700+ bed residence hall located on a 3.2-acre parcel of land in a tight urban setting. The site was originally a service station and truck terminal and thus a brownfield. Impacted soils needed to be managed on site, and DAAR completed a plan and earthwork calculations to properly place these soils. The site is also bounded by the Milwaukee River to the west.

This area of the site contains bluff-like conditions as well as an environmental corridor and is highly visible and political in the community. A path traversing over 30 vertical feet in a short distance was required down the face of the bluff.

Special attention was paid to minimize impact to the corridor and preserve or enhance as much of the natural features as possible. The project also necessitated the reconstruction of an adjacent public roadway with unusual roadway sections and right-of-way conditions.

Maintaining access to an industrial user nearby was also important as well as trying to segregate truck traffic from student traffic using different routes. Additionally, the project is LEED certified, with several key site features providing credits towards the LEED goals.

With a schedule to meet critical move in dates for students, DAAR worked with the team to produce a design that met all the unique challenges in a very short time frame.

Project Deliverables:
• ALTA Survey for design and lending purposes
• Environmental mapping and planning
• Preliminary and final engineering plans and supporting documents
• Acquisition of site approvals and permits
• LEED credit documentation submittal
• Path plan alternatives and discussion
• Construction administration
• Construction staking

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