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Additional Services

DAAR employs highly qualified planners and engineers who assist public agencies and private clients in solving complex problems. DAAR's commitment to and integrated, interdisciplinary approach is reflected in out team's ability to analyze, prepare and prioritize your Transportation Planning, Public Involvement and Water Management needs.

Structure Design

Bridge design capabilities encompass underpass and overpass structures made from a variety of materials. Our structures team brings extensive design experience in pre-stressed steel and reinforced concrete bridges, reinforced concrete box culverts, reinforced concrete, MSE retaining walls, sign bridges and structure mounted sign support.

Land Development Survey

DAAR’s surveyors are recognized in the industry as the most reliable and well trained in the field today. We have been part of the core team on some of Wisconsin’s most high-profile projects. Our services range from individual property surveys to sub-division layouts to small retail developments to large scale commercial construction projects. No project is too big or too small.

Land Development Design

Our design staff in the land development division has worked as a team for years delivering top quality design and support to developers, homeowners and national clients across the country.

Land Development

Our design staff in the land development division has worked as a team for years delivering top quality design and support to developers, home owners and national clients across the country. And our surveyors are recognized in the industry as the most reliable and well trained surveyors out in the field today. Their experience ranges from individual property surveys to large scale commercial construction projects throughout the state.

Public Involvement

Coordination with the community throughout a project is an extremely important aspect to its ultimate success. DAAR encourages public participation through the use of public information materials, community meetings, surveys and focus groups.

Transportation Planning

DAAR's transportation planning experience ranges from evaluation of corridors to assess evolving traffic and safety demands, to roadway capacity expansion and multimodal studies. Additionally, DAAR's experience with corridor, downtown and neighborhood planning considers design and policies affecting the existing environment while incorporating all transportation modes and movement patterns.

Construction Staking

DAAR is established as an industry leader in construction staking from our vast experience in large scale commercial construction projects and municipal construction staking. We are responsible for placement of building on-site, placing utility alignments, establishing horizontal and vertical control lines, coordinating between the design team and the contractor, as well as quality control through project completion.

Spar/Utility Locate

Subsurface Utility Mapping using the Spar 300 System by Optimal Ranging, Inc.

PROBLEM: The need for accurate, 3D geospatial locations of utilities has become vitally important from a planning and safety perspective. Inaccurate utility location data causes unnecessary project delay costs due to damaged facilitates and can be a major safety concern.

SOLUTION: DAAR Engineering and the Spar system. DAAR has been engaged in a solution that can accurately locate and survey these utilities with elevation data without excavation.

Plat Boundary

DAAR is proficient in providing commercial and residential plat surveys, utilizing the most current technology both out in the field and in our design software to establish plat boundaries. Our services include staking property corners and lines, furnishing Topography survey of civil design and commercial properties, providing current ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys and Certified Survey Maps (CSMs).


Our surveyors are recognized as the most reliable and well-trained surveyors in the field today. DAAR is available to execute large scale commercial construction projects, municipal construction staking, as well as business and residential plat surveys. We work in any format appropriate for the job and pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate surveys in the field, on-time and on budget.

Gas and Electric

DAAR Engineering provides several gas and electric services, primarily paving and conflict review and utility base mapping and design. Paving and conflict reviews require coordination with municipalities on upcoming construction and reviewing existing infrastructure to determine if design is needed. For design – plan sets are created, customer data is compiled, emergency action plans are developed, and construction procedures are written up. We also work with municipalities on the back end of design with permitting and coordination.

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