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WIS 167 and Country Airenue Drive Intersection


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Washington County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$2.3 Million

DAAR provided design services for the reconstruction of the WIS 167 (Mequon Road) and Country Aire Drive intersection in the Village of Germantown, WI. Traffic volumes on Mequon Road are increasing, in part due to development occurring along the corridor, resulting in potential safety concerns as Mequon Road lacks a raised median and dedicated left turn lanes at the intersection.

The scope of work was to design the intersection improvements per a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Village of Germantown.

Project improvements included constructing a raised median on Mequon Road, adding dedicated left and right turn lanes, and potential on-street bike accommodations and off-road pedestrian facilities. Additional improvements included accommodation of a future second lane of travel in each direction of Mequon Road, while also following the alignment and profile of a recent corridor study which identified the long range needs of the roadway to be a 4-lane divided section. By including these elements into the intersection reconstruction, future impacts to the roadway and adjacent residents would be reduced.

Project Deliverables:
• Project scoping, scheduling and budgeting
• 30%, 60% (preliminary), 90% (final) plans
• Intersection Alternative Analysis
• Environmental Report (ER), Design Study Report (DSR) and Encroachment Report
• Railroad, utility and agency coordination
• Transportation Management Plan (TMP)
• Public involvement, including coordination with a recently completed corridor study public outreach effort
• Drainage analysis and design, including storm water report of existing and proposed conditions

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