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US 14: Illinois State Line to WIS 11


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Walworth County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$10 Million

As part of a design team, DAAR provided design services on the US 14 corridor from the Illinois State Line to WIS 11.

DAAR’s responsibilities consisted of preliminary and final design, Programmatic Environmental Report (pER), Transportation Management Plan (TMP), agency coordination, DNR coordination and conceptual design for a canoe launch in the Town of Darien. Crash analysis and intersection improvements for the 3.2-mile resurfacing project were also included in the scope.

Project Deliverables:
• Preliminary and final plans
• Utility coordination
• Transportation management plan
• 4f evaluation
• Reports, including pER, ER, DSR and Encroachment Report
• Public involvement

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