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Gas Main Relocation


WE Energies


Milwaukee County, WI

Total Estimated Cost


Utility and survey services were provided as support for the contractor by providing 3D data on an underground gas main as it crossed a railroad track along North 76th Street utilizing the SPAR.

This work included: establishing horizontal and vertical control on WCCS; locating 800 linear feet of a 20-inch gas main as well as the survey crew field locating the utility and providing point files. The Spar was used to locate the gas main for excavation and design. The final product consisted of a CAD file which contained the utility in 3D with the elevations of the existing surface. This was done in a plan and profile format.

Project Deliverables:
• Field locations of underground utility 20" gas main
• Point file (N, E, EL, DESC.) of underground utility
• Civil 3D file of utility

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