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Wisconsin Department of Transportation State Traffic Operations Center (STOC)


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Statewide Traffic Operations Center)


Milwaukee County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$1.4 Million

DAAR acted as the onsite consultant that monitored and managed freeway operations throughout the State of Wisconsin for the WisDOT Statewide Traffic Operations Center.

DAAR was chosen to staff the management and operation of Wisconsin's 24-hour Traffic Control Room. Project included emergency call center activities as well as IT systems administration, software development, programming and analysis.

Project Deliverables:
• 24/7 control room traffic management and traveler information operations
• Call center/liaison for all WisDOT owned highways, highway equipment and highway infrastructure
• Operation of Freeway Traffic Management System (FTMS) devices
• Cameras, detector speed data, law enforcement dispatch radio and Computer Aided Logging systems (CAD)
• Traffic control and notification for special events
• Real time incident data distributed to various agencies
• Advance traveler warning through traffic incident alerts and 511
• Coordination with construction projects on related lane/ramp closures
• Ensured control room personnel received monthly training in system and emergency transportation
• Enhanced and updated control room operator manual
• Development of new and revised policies, procedures and traffic management plans

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