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US 12, County NN Interchange


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Walworth County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$1.5 Million

Design services provided for this project led to the reconstruction of County NN interchange on US 12 outside the city of Elkhorn in Walworth County.

The interchange reconstruction included a significant profile adjustment that will bring the roadway up to a desirable 60 mph design speed as well as increasing the vertical clearance over US 12 to the desirable standard of 16’ 9”. In addition, all ramps were reconstructed to match the new County NN profile and meet current standards. Pedestrian friendly features were incorporated into the County NN interchange design which include an off-road path along the north side of County NN as well as on road bicycle accommodations along both directions of travel. Coordination with the local communities was a key component of the scope of services being provided by DAAR. To the east of the interchange Walworth County is pursuing a project that will reconstruct an adjoining section of County NN, including an extension of the off-road path along the north side. To the west of the interchange the city of Elkhorn is studying how the off-road path could be further extended into the city as well as the reconstruction of a small section of County NN. Both local projects would be packaged with the County NN interchange project to create one large construction letting, of which DAAR was responsible for coordinating and assembling. DAAR was also responsible for preparing the Transportation Project Plat (TPP) needed to acquire the additional right of way due to interchange reconstruction.

Project Deliverables:
• Project scoping, scheduling, and budgeting
• 30%, 60% (preliminary), 90% (final) and PS&E plans and documents
• Rural interchange design
• Preparation/coordination of Environmental Report (ER)
• Utility coordination (Trans 220)
• Right of Way Plat (TPP) preparation
• Preliminary and final structure design
• Public involvement
• Drainage analysis and design per current WisDOT storm water requirements

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