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Southeast Planning Unit (Wisconsin) Count Data Processing Support


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Various Counties, WI

Total Estimated Cost

Traffic Engineering services were provided for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation SE Region Planning Unit, who currently maintains a large set of traffic data that is regularly published for planning and project development purposes.

The most significant part of this effort involved extraction and aggregation of vehicle counts from the State Trunk Highway System used in major infrastructure projects like the rebuilding of Milwaukee's Zoo Interchange. It is critical to maintain a healthy, error free and efficient data collection, aggregation and publishing system.

The primary goals of this project included:
• Assisting in maintenance and continuation of the current data collection and processing efforts of WisDOT and helping provide up-to-date accurate information to Zoo Interchange traffic analyses and design activities as well as to other freeway projects
• Developing data exchange format that was suitable for Zoo Interchange and other SE freeway projects
• Providing documentation that allowed transfer of techniques and procedures among team members

Project Deliverables:
• Traffic data maps
• Database development
• Detector data health reports

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