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Southeast Freeway Sequencing and Prioritization Study


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Various Counties, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$2.7 Million

A DAAR team defeated other national firms to win this evaluation, which will included a comprehensive study of freeway segments in Southeastern Wisconsin.

DAAR led a team of local and national consultants, including Decision Lens and Woolpert. The project considered mitigation opportunities and systems-level corridor planning as well as an alternatives analysis and study of environmental impacts. It also developed and/or re-evaluated design guidance tools used by the client in considering future projects.

Project Deliverables included:
• SEF System Operational Evaluation and Segment Reconstruction Sequencing
• Traffic forecasts and safety analysis
• Determination of critical bridge needs
• Deficiency analysis of 200-miles of freeway (including 95 interchanges and hundreds of bridges)
• Interim-term designs for spot improvement projects
• Public involvement plan
• Construction cost estimating and life-cycle cost estimating
• Trans 210 Evaluation (major project enumeration process)
• Evaluation of environmental and project delivery risks

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