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Samawah Bridges and Roads


Ministry of Construction and Housing (MoCH) and State Commission of Roads and Bridges (SCRB)


Al-Muthanna Province, Republic of Iraq

Total Estimated Cost

$25.5 Million

In a joint venture with Burj Al-Emaar Company of Iraq, DAAR was selected as the contractor for three bridges and their respective approaches over the Euphrates River in Al-Muthanna Governorate.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing (MoCH), Republic of Iraq through its implementing agency, State Commission for Roads and Bridges (SCRB) were the clients for this major infrastructure project. Samawah North, Hilal, and Mahdi were sites of the bridges. Project details include:

• 26 Month Implementation
• Bridge Lengths Between 192 m to 240 m (630 ft to 800 ft)
• Alleviating traffic jams in Samawah City
• Incorporation of modern architectural elements
• Replacement of floating pontoon bridge in Hilal City and causeway in the Mahdi area
• The improvement of regional economy, agricultural transportation and humanitarian efforts for redevelopment of the nation
• The addition of a landmark to the modern cities of the Al-Muthanna Governorate

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