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Northwestern Mutual Office Buildings Commons


Kyle Merrill Gilbane, Inc.


Milwaukee County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$450 Million

The Northwestern Mutual (NM) Tower and Commons was built in downtown Milwaukee and has an estimated 1.1 million square feet of office, retail and meeting space.

The 32-story tower (approximately 550 feet tall) is the second-tallest building in Milwaukee. The project preserves 1,100 downtown jobs while adding 1,900. With its proximity overlooking the Lake Michigan shore, the development has become an instant Milwaukee landmark. The new tower was completed in August 2017.

DAAR's surveyors responsibilities included:
• Placement of the building on-site
• Establishing horizontal and vertical control lines and benchmark floor by floor
• As-built existing conditions
• Coordination between the design team and contractor
• Quality control.

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