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I-94 N-S Freeway: WIS 11 Interchange


Wisconsin Department of Transportation (SE Region)


Racine County, WI

Total Estimated Cost

$16.9 Million

As part of a joint venture (SE Design Works), DAAR prepared final structure plans for eight, single-span prestressed girder structures along I-94 and three, three-span prestressed girder structures at the WIS 11 Interchange in Racine County, WI. Also included was the design of two cantilever sign structures.

Designs were completed in accordance with WisDOT requirements as well as specific criteria established for the I-94 corridor. Aesthetic enhancements were added to the structures based on corridor wide criteria. Structure designs have been completed.

Various sub consultants were utilized to design two other bridges, ten retaining walls, eight sign structures, and one box culvert extension. DAAR was responsible for coordinating this work and ensuring consistency between plans and documents.

The improvements will save lives and reduce travel times.

Project Deliverables:
• Final structure plans
• Structure related PS&E Documents

This project won ACEC 2021 Engineering Excellence Best of State

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