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Wisconsin Department of Transportation State Traffic Operations Center

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) houses their State Traffic Operations Center in Milwaukee. WisDOT hired a team of consultants to handle all aspects of daily operations.

The center’s responsibilities includes the operation of the control room, where the traffic is actively monitored and coordination with all agencies is made. The DAAR team was responsible for most of the operations in the control room. Performance of the freeway system was monitored and data collection is regularly made.

Selected Project Deliverables:

  • Ramp Meter Retiming Workbook
  • SINS (Statewide Incident Notifications System) Development
  • TOPS laboratory coordination
  • Lane closure system
  • Performance measures
  • Video Archiving
  • STOC Intranet Site
  • ETO Resource Repository
  • TIME database
  • DSP traffic incident alert database
  • Server maintenance
  • Technical liaison
  • IT project and control room issues databases
  • Operator message system