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USH 14 Realignment

This 5-mile rural project consists of the design of two lanes of an ultimate 4 lane divided roadway in Oregon, WI. The proposed rural roadway follows a new alignment of USH 14 from STH 92 north to STH 138 with multiple at grade crossing of town and county side roads.

This project includes a new rural roadway designed to freeway standards, drainage study, intersection improvements and agency coordination.

Project Deliverables:

  • Project scoping, scheduling, budgeting and monitoring
  • Field Survey
  • Public official coordination
  • 30%, 60% plans and documents
  • Utility Coordination (Trans 220)
  • Archaeological Study
  • Environmental Report
  • Hazardous Materials Phase 1 Assessment
  • Design Study Report
  • DNR Coordination
  • Drainage Analysis