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STH 23 Reconstruction

Design services were provided for the 5-mile reconstruction of STH 23, including improvements such as passing lanes, climbing lanes, auxiliary lanes at intersections, access roads and access control. An extensive deficiency analysis was completed for this roadway, identifying horizontal and vertical deficiencies, as well as safety concerns.

The mixture of recreational, commercial and local traffic on this roadway, combined with the summer weekend traffic peaks, created heavy congestion that was expected to increase in the next 20 years. Extensive public involvement activities with residents, businesses and communities along the corridor was necessary to create buy-in for the improvements to the corridor.

The project included earthwork, new pavement, structure widening, utility coordination, extensive environmental coordination, access plans and a Right of Way Plat. A Value Engineering (VE) study was also completed with this project in which DAAR was a panel participant. Coordination with the Wisconsin Historical Society regarding the Section 106 as well as the City of Green Lake regarding the relocation of N. Lawson Drive was important for the progression of the project.

Project Deliverables:

  • Preliminary plans
  • Structure survey reports
  • Utility coordination
  • Section 106
  • Reports, including ER, DSR and Encroachment Report
  • Public Involvement