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STH 138/US 14 Reconstruction

DAAR provided design services for a 4-lane, 0.75 mile urban reconstruction section of the US 14/STH 138 interchange with two roundabouts, and the reconstruction of STH 138 from Hill Road to Park Street in the Village of Oregon, WI.

Work included design of ramps for the STH 138/US 14 interchange; new storm sewer and replacement of existing culvert pipes; investigation of traffic needs for STH 138/US 14 and design of auxiliary lanes accordingly; supplemental survey to STH 138 and US 14 including updated topography, utilities, wetland delineation, and right of way; traffic model for construction, interim and future design of STH 138/US 14 interchange as roundabouts; design of the STH 138/US 14 interchange overhead sign structures, one detention basin, and a Transportation Project Plat (TPP).

This project is part of the US 14 corridor projects. Public involvement items included numerous public meetings, on-going contact with state and local representatives, and many face-to-face meetings with property owners.

Project Deliverables:

  • Public Involvement
  • Public Official, Utility and Agency coordination
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Transportation Plat
  • Hazmat-Phase 1
  • Roundabout Design
  • Noise Analysis
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Design Study Report
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Two Park and Ride concept areas to 60% design
  • 30%, 60%, Pre PS&E and Final Documents
  • Transportation Management Plan (Type 3)