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Bartillon Drive Urban Roadway Extension

DAAR provided design services for the 0.5-mile urban roadway extension of Bartillon Drive located in the City of Madison, WI. The loss of a high traveled left-turn lane at Rieder Road created the need for this project design.

This project included a new, urban two-lane roadway; new storm sewer system; pond and wetland relocation; intersection improvements; extensive coordination with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dane County Regional Airport, Bureau of Aeronautics and the Federal Aviation Association; addition of sidewalk along the west side of Portage Road; and evaluation of multiple alternatives. Public involvement was a significant part of the design process to determine if the neighborhood will support the roadway extension. Areas of difficulty overcome throughout the design process involved extensive drainage analysis including limiting wetland relocation and right-of-way acquisition as well as gaining informed public consent for the proposed project.

Project Deliverables:

  • Project scoping, scheduling, budgeting and monitoring
  • Field Survey
  • Public official coordination
  • 30%, 60% (Preliminary) & 90% (Final) plans and documents
  • Utility Coordination (Trans 220)
  • Archaeological Study
  • Environmental Report
  • Hazardous Materials Phase 1 Assessment
  • Design Study Report
  • Traffic Study Report
  • Right-of-way Plat
  • DNR Coordination
  • FAA and BOA coordination
  • Dane County Regional Airport coordination
  • Drainage Analysis