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Spar System

Subsurface Utility Mapping using the Spar 300 System by Optimal Ranging, Inc.

PROBLEM: The need for accurate, 3D geospatial locations of utilities has become vitally important from a planning and safety perspective. Inaccurate utility location data causes unnecessary project delay costs due to damaged facilitates and can be a major safety concern.

SOLUTION: DAAR Engineering and the Spar system. DAAR has been engaged in a solution that can accurately locate and survey these utilities with elevation data without excavation.

DAAR has been surveying with the Spar 300 utility survey system from Optimal Ranging, Inc. since March 2012. The Spar sensor is a unique magnetic locator coupled to a Trimble GPS survey instrument and a Trimble data collector. This assembly is collectively dubbed the “Spar system.” We have completed several projects to gather real-world data on the accuracy of this equipment in typical working conditions and are recognized as the industry experts in providing sub-surface utility mapping through this process. Spar can be effectively used in the field by trained crews to save time during data collection and to protect contractors from potential utility strikes. Reductions in hydro excavation of up to 80% have been realized using this equipment. Safety and utility protection can be enhanced by the Spar by providing accurate utility data in the early stages of project planning and during construction.

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Spar System Project Experience