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USH 41-STH 441 Corridor Operational Analysis

USH 41-STH 441 Corridor Operational Analysis

The purpose of this project was to identify existing and future safety and operational problems on USH 41-STH 441 and to develop conceptual short-term (year 2020) geometric and operational improvements to address these problems. Assistance was given to WisDOT’s Northeast Region to prepare for the future conversion of this segment of USH 41 to an interstate highway.

A key component of the USH 41-STH 441 operational analysis is the coordination with the USH 41 interstate conversion project to avoid duplication of effort and stakeholder/public confusion.

Project Deliverables:

  • Project scoping, scheduling, budgeting and monitoring
  • Public involvement
  • Traffic data inventory of 85 intersections
  • Existing corridor and facility review/base mapping
  • Peak hour traffic microsimulation and operational analysis
  • Interim solutions/recommendations
  • Alternative transportation system improvements
  • Geometric deficiency analysis
  • Environmental screening
  • Future build microsimulation models