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STH 33 Corridor Long Range Plan

STH 33 Corridor Long Range Plan

DAAR is performing work necessary to develop a corridor long range plan for STH 33 in Sauk County, from USH 12 to CTH H. The need for this project stems from local comprehensive plans and traffic forecasts having identified this corridor as having potential capacity and safety issues in the future due to projected commercial, industrial and residential growth.

The long range plan will emphasize the major components of operations and access as needed to ensure future acceptable levels of overall corridor functionality, level of service ratings and safety.

An inventory of the existing roadway corridor was taken, including collection of data related to existing land use and demographics; existing transportation facilities including condition diagrams of major intersections; documentation of existing access points; analysis of crash data; existing traffic volumes and operational analysis. The project includes reporting on future travel demands within the corridor, access management criteria development, and recommendations on improvements to the transportation system necessary to keep the corridor functioning safely and efficiently.

Project Deliverables:

  • Project scoping, scheduling, budgeting and monitoring
  • Consultant management
  • Traffic analysis and report
  • Traffic data collection
  • Public involvement, including local officials meetings and community workshops
  • Corridor study report