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Ministerial Liaison; Programmatic Data Management Support Services- USACE

DAAR Engineering was a subcontractor to Stanley Baker Hill, LLC, a joint venture company composed of Stanley Consultants, Inc., Michael Baker Jr., Inc., and Hill International, Inc. Stanley Baker Hill, LLC was awarded a $1.2 Billion contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic Programs Center (TAC), to provide construction management services to assist the Coalition Provisional Authority Program Management (PMO) in the reconstruction of Iraq.

DAAR, as a subcontractor to Stanley Baker Hill, LLC (SBH), developed and executed an accelerated infrastructure maintenance management program for the Ministry of Health (MOH), by partnering with MOH and USG personnel. DAAR provided a Deputy Program Manager for Buildings, Health & Education Sector – GRD.  Additional staff worked to develop automation tools to prioritize, assign and execute corrective and preventive maintenance work at the various facilities. This effort served as a ‘bridging’ initiative, assisting MOH in the assumption of ownership, operations, and sustainment of the recent reconstruction investment. This program supported the proposed MOH life-cycle management process for its entire health care program; from capital planning to demolition or reuse.

The operational focus of this effort was on the newly renovated, repaired, or constructed health facilities, a subset of the entire MOH inventory of facilities and equipment. This effort included the identification, prioritization, correction, reporting, tracking, and management of facility and equipment deficiencies. Commercially available technology and, bi-lingual enabled tools were utilized to further enable the execution of this MMP and manage the execution of a comprehensive facilities/equipment engineering, planning, and maintenance program. The over-riding goal of the objective was to provide up to one year of facility engineering, operations, and corrective/preventive maintenance and repair support to all installed equipment so as to deliver reliable and consistent infrastructure support to the MOH in the execution of its national health program. Methodology was developed for cataloging existing assets, assessing the existing infrastructure conditions, prioritizing the deficiencies, and ordering specific elements of work to ensure maximum flexibility in executing the desired work. Appropriate engineering and planning skills were provided to help develop standardized operations and infrastructure sustainment plans, spare parts lists, work management processes, and identifying the requisite skills necessary to sustain this subset of MOH facilities and equipment.

DAAR's Ministerial Liaison responsibilitied included:

  • Translating documents from Arabic to English or English to Arabic on a daily baisis
  • Attending meetings with Government of Iraqi Ministry personnel or DG
  • Attending meetings with J7 staff
  • Site visits and visits to GOI Ministries, such as MoCH, SCRB, MoWR and MoH for follow-up
  • Monitoring site progress, grant closings and flow of correspondences amoung USG phone
  • Attending formal meetings with high-level officials
  • Daily communication with GOI ministries